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About us

Gooiconsult is your ultimate partner to establish a culture of learning and performance within your organisation. We materially improve the performance of your human capital by connecting knowledge, learning and performance. Gooiconsult offers custom programs both developed and delivered in partnership with our clients.

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Gooiconsult's distinguishing features

Assess - Develop - Deliver - Assess

In contrast to other consultancies and training agencies, Gooiconsult always follows the same reinforcement loop: Measurement, Development, Measurement.
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Sport school training

Gooiconsult has developed a unique sport school training concept, allowing you to work solely on competencies relevant to yourself or your organisation.
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Featured: Organisational Advice

Drawing on our expertise in the field of behavioural development, Gooiconsult, in co-creation with its clients, establishes practical consultancy programs at the individual, team, department and organizational levels. Gooiconsult advises organisations on connecting training and development with performance (in a sustainable way).

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Featured: Assessments

'Assess, Develop & Perform' is the red thread through our work. We assess professionals' competence level preferably before and after a development program. The results identify qualities and challenges, clearly outlining an individual growth path. Practical tools are identified for individual enhancement/growth. 

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Featured: Performance measurement

We measure the outcome of our intervention, and the resulting performance of your people, as we believe that this is what motivates people to get the best out of themselves. This ensures that we are liable to our clients on tangible results: a measurable contribution to the strategic objectives of your organisation.

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Featured: Training

Gooiconsult is renowned for its innovative training methods, relying on its philosophy that participants take responsibility for their individual learning process - combining content and skills in practical training programs.

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Featured: Coaching

Gooiconsult considers coaching as a development tool through which purpose and performance can effortlessly be combined, ultimately setting people in motion. The objective is to release people's potential qualities enabling them to deliver the best possible performance (within context relevant to participants).

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